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Our Services

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Landscape Construction

Incorporates all elements of landscaping and the design process taking your ideas and making them into a reality whether we are building off of our team’s plans or another architect’s

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Excavation, Grading, Land Clearing

A great way to take back your yard, increase the usable space, and prepare for future projects. With the mixture of equipment and experienced operators we can shape up your landscape efficiently

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We can take care of an assortment of drainage problems in a timely, efficient manner. Whether you have water puddling in your yard, driveway, or water entering your basement. After an assessment our team can create a drainage plan to meet your needs

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Tree Removal

At CLC we specialize in small and medium tree removal, removing limbs, and pruning. We also have connections with local tree companies to take care of any large tree removal needed.

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Custom Design

Having learned from many top of the line architects at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, we offer landscape design to fit your needs the best and turn your yard into a beautiful and functioning landscape

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Property Maintenance

After you create that beautiful landscape that you’ve been wanting for years you’ll want to have someone capable of maintaining it. We have an experienced team that services properties weekly, maintaining the lawn and surrounding landscape making sure they always look in top shape.

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Servicing residential driveways and commercial lots, we have the equipment to make sure your property is safe when the snow comes down. We also offer snow relocation and pushing snowbanks back if your lot is getting tight

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Walkways, Patios, Retaining Walls

A great way to make your landscape inviting, functional, and stand out. Areas like these will give you great spaces to enjoy entertaining family or relaxing all day long.

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Part of maintaining you landscape is making sure that the lawn and plants have sufficient water. We are able to service your irrigation needs with starting up, blowing out, and repairing your system when it needs it.

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We split premium hardwood firewood in 16” lengths, easy to carry and easy to burn. Our firewood is split smaller than most companies to ensure that the firewood is dried thoroughly and it is easy for the whole family to carry. Make sure to place orders to save your spot.

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Sean thank you so much for taking care of us.  It looks awesome!!!  Thanks again.


Sean, you did one hell of a fantastic job!!!!!😁😁
Thank you so much. Looks awesome.


Just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding job cleaning up the leaves.  Looks great.

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